Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey all...
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

dear ppl

long time no blog sia. hehe.
yesterday went to aishah b'day party.
so old still wann have party. haha. jkjk.
The food was great. got satay. i tink i eat the most lor.
It was fun. so long nvr see aishah.
she's getting older. unlike me. Young 17. hehe
I bought her sumthin which she probably wont need it.haha
den go ernest house play mahjong.
Im addicted to mahjong man. especially, VIWAWA...
den continue play at steph house. got hang pao liao.
too bad forgot bring oranges...sorry
we play mahjong while watch mahjong movie at channel 8
her brother all play ballack and gamble while
we play mahjong till late night...

Anw, im gng attachment for 7 month liao
18 feb to 12 long sia
so gng to blog less this yr
haha. busy man mah working.
14 feb is coming...hehe. :)

Happy Chinese NEw Year...
Gong xi Fa Cai

Happy 19 Bday Aishah
Nabila so cute
Food Paradie
Aishah u look older
Choc cake from POLAR...nice
True...u do look older
The End